Can I Stay?

We've had a number of people ask if they can come and stay and be a part of the project.

And the answer is yes! We'd love to have you! ... But no.

For the integrity of the project, we don't tell our guests about the blog and vision of what we're doing until AFTER they've checked out.  We don't want people booking our home with the agenda of getting into A Stranger Like Me... But what we do want is for people to experience the homes of strangers more.  And we actually would love if you ended up as one of our guests. 

So please, feel free to book a home in Minneapolis to stay in through Airbnb!  But don't be surprised if it isn't ours... And go meet some other strangers too!

Warning: Some will think the following statement is a crazy one.

But I (Mitch) genuinely believe the world would be a better place if people opened their homes to, and stayed in the homes of, strangers.  Translation: I genuinely believe Airbnb can make the world a better place.