Mitch Reaume Speaking Photo

Our founder & CEO, Mitch Reaume, would love to come speak at your conference, office, school, church or event!

In every career Mitch has had it has involved a consistent theme of public speaking, and he'd love hear about your event.
While topics are flexible, they often center on social entrepreneurship, marketing and branding, philanthropy and business, personal finance and how it is tied to the things we love, or Christianity and the workplace... Mitch has spoken publicly hundreds of times ranging from audiences of 100's of business professionals to smaller groups of college and high school students. His favorite events to speak at are settings where organizations are encouraging their employees/attendees to be more intentional with the influence and impact of their lives.  His style is generally described as someone who is passionate and thoughtful about the work he's doing and things he's talking about... yet one who doesn't take himself too seriously and prefers to keep things light and relational. It's not unheard of for him to go from analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of capitalism to discussing chicken nuggets in the same breath.


I enjoyed Mitch's story overall but related to him on his mother's journey with Cancer. I lost my mom a few years back as well and often think of what I can be doing in her honor… Loved his authenticity."

    - David Larson | CEO, Affinity Plus, Minneapolis, MN

 Mitch's humble approach to his work and his willingness to be himself, be vulnerable, share his honest perspective and speak from his heart about the work that he is doing made our employees love and appreciate what he had to say!”

    - Julie Cosgrove | Chief Talent Officer, Affinity Plus, Minneapolis, MN

 We have loved bringing Mitch in to speak at our organization. He’s intelligent, funny and engaging and his speaking is insightful, thought-provoking and practical. He’s great at understanding his audience and I love his ability to offer fresh, insightful perspectives. I’ve always left, listening to Mitch, being encouraged and challenged. I appreciate that balance! I would highly recommend him as a speaker for your organization.

    - Aaron Sorenson | Pastor, Crow River Church, Delano, MN


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