Santa's College Fund

We’re thrilled to focus the charitable efforts of the MN Christmas Markets this year into a fund we’re calling “Santa’s College Fund” in partnership with local non-profit, The Urban Village. Santa’s College Fund will be money used to invest in the college education of one refugee living in Minnesota.

The Urban Village is a non-profit serving as an incubator for community led projects that are committed to building, supporting and cultivating opportunities for Myanmar diaspora refugees in Minnesota.

How it works:

The Urban Village is the perfect community partner for executing a scholarship such as this due to their continued investment and kinship they’ve developed with refugee communities here in Minnesota. They have spent the last year identifying potential candidates and will be breaking the news to the winner on New Year's Eve that they've been chosen as the recipient of Santa's College Fund.

The funds will be used to enable one refugee living in Minnesota the chance to go to college by covering eligible costs:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Room & Board
  • Living Expenses

The fund is the collaborative effort of the MN Christmas Market and The Urban Village.

Interested in being a community partner of Santa’s College Fund? We’re looking for those interested in doing a financial match with the funds raised by the MN Christmas Market. If you’re interested, reach out to us at